Megaman Australia
Distributor LED and CFL lighting products. Available at lighting specialist retailers and online.


Owned HKG
Rating B
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Megaman Lighting Australia Pty Ltd
Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Ltd
owns 100% of Megaman Lighting Australia Pty Ltd
Founded in 1992. Manufacturer of LED and CFL lighting products. Its Megaman products are available in over 90 countries worldwide.

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Megaman Lighting Australia Pty Ltd
No assessment data currently available for Megaman Lighting Australia Pty Ltd.
Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Ltd
Over the years, Megaman has been awarded a range of endorsements by various organisations worldwide for Environmental Achievement. Follow link for full list.
This company has a number of environment and sustainability claims on its website. "Megaman is committed to reducing the environmental impact arising across the product life cycle, which is from design, manufacture, packaging and transportation, use, disposal and recycle". Follow link for more details, including their 2012 Sustainability Report.
The charitable foundation - Megaman Charity Trust Fund - was set up in 2008 with two aims: education and environmental protection. Through the Fund, donations are made, sponsorships funded and partnerships established with charities, colleges and non-governmental organisations worldwide.

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Wholly-owned subsidiary

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64/60-82 Princes Hwy, St Peters, NSW, 2044, Australia
02 9557 9800

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Megaman Australia
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