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Features: Bamboo
The environmentally friendly toothbrush from Jillby Eco is made from natural bamboo, a fast-growing, sustainably harvested crop native to Asia. Designed in Australia by Ethical Produce Solutions, an Australian company. Made in China.
Manufacturer: Jillby Eco
Features: Bamboo handle, Nylon bristles (BPA free), cardboard box, polypropylene inner wrapper.
Designed in Australia, made in China. Most of the Environmental toothbrush and packaging are plastic-free and compostable (inner sleeve is plastic). Nylon bristles are biodegradable.
Features: Recycled plastic, B Corporation
Made in the US. Preserve toothbrushes are made from recycled yogurt containers and other post-consumer #5 polypropylene plastic that is returned to them through their Gimme5 program. Easy in the USA - some travel miles here.
Manufacturer: Preserve
Features: No plastic, non-synthetic
A stick, from the root of the Peelu tree, is a natural and more effective toothbrush than your typical plastic and nylon kind. Naturally kills bacteria and fights plaque. On it's own. With no toothpaste.
Manufacturer: Miswak
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