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The large data centres that store the photos, chats or video streaming we use every day use a large amount of energy to power. Since 2010 Greenpeace has been calling on major internet companies to stop depending on dirty energy like coal. Leading IT companies like Apple, Facebook and Google are embracing innovation and committing to 100% renewable energy.
  • See the Clicking Clean 2017 report and scorecard comparing company progress. ClickClean
  • See the US EPA's Green Power Partners - the 1,600 organisations collectively use more than 3550 billion kWh of green power annually, equivalent to the electricity use of more than 4.6 million average American homes. EPA (US)
Google, Amazon, Apple and other tech multinationals have been criticised for avoiding tax, and attacking global plans to stamp out artificial corporate structures used to avoid tax. Tax evasion deprives everyday people of vital services. These funds are needed to pay for education and healthcare.
In 2011 Google paid just $74,176 in Australian tax despite making an estimated $1 billion in revenue from the Australian market.
  • Sign the petition to tell Apple to pay tax due Sum of Us
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