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Frozen Fish
For frozen foods, most of the energy is used in freezing the product and then keeping it at that temperature from the factory to the freezer section of the grocery store.
  • Buy fresh foods instead of frozen where possible.
  • Avoid imported frozen foods that have not only been transported a long way but require constant energy to stay frozen all the way.
Today, around 5 per cent of the world's entire fish catch, by weight, is tuna and the global tuna business is worth around $5.5bn. All of the 23 identified, commercially exploited stocks are heavily fished; at least nine of these are classified as fully fished and a further four classified as overexploited or depleted. Three stocks are classified as 'critically endangered', three as 'endangered', and three as 'vulnerable to extinction'. The magnificent and iconic southern bluefin tuna has been reduced by some 95 per cent of stocks before 1950.
  • Know how your tuna was caught. The vast majority of fished tuna is caught by large commercial fishing vessels using one of two methods: long-line fishing and purse seining. Both methods produce by-catch in large numbers. Where possible choose tuna caught by other methods such as pole and line fishing, or bait-boat fishing, which are very selective and eliminate the problem of by-catch, and have significantly smaller environmental impact. AMCS: Fishing Gear in Focus
  • Make informed seafood choices with GoodFish, Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide, produced by the Australian Marine Conservation Society. GoodFish
  • Ask your retailer these three questions to help protect our oceans and fisheries. 1. What is it and where was it caught? 2. How was it caught? 3. Do you have a policy for sourcing only truly sustainable seafood? See Greenpeace's Red List Fish for list of species to avoid. Red List Fish
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