CCEP Australia
Formerly Coca-Cola Amatil. Bottles and distributor for Coca-Cola Company soft drinks and other beverages in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Coca-Cola Amatil bought SPC Ardmona in 2005, and sold it in 2019. Distributor for Beam Suntory and Molson Coors alcohol portfolios in Australia. Acquired by Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) in 2021.


Owned UK
Rating C
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Company Ownership

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners plc
owns 100% of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia
Founded in 2016 when the three main bottling companies for The Coca-Cola Company in Western Europe combined into one entity, creating the world's largest Coca-Cola bottler based on revenue, with operations in 13 countries. Acquired Coca-Cola Amatil in 2021 and changed its name to from Coca-Cola European Partners to Coca-Cola Europacific Partners.
Coca-Cola Company
owns 18% of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners plc
Beverages, especially soft drinks
Founded in 1892, today they are the world's #1 soft drink company.

Company Assessment

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia
This company received a packaging performance level of 4 (Leading) in its 2024 APCO Annual Report. Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a not-for-profit organisation leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia. Each year, APCO Members are required to submit an APCO Annual Report and Action Plan, which includes an overall performance level from 1 (Getting Started) to 5 (Beyond Best Practice).
Source: APCO (2024)
Greenpeace's Reenergise campaign ranks Australia's biggest electricity using companies on their commitments and actions regarding renewable energy use. This company has: committed to powering their operations by 100% renewable electricity by 2030; signed at least one power purchase agreement (PPA) to buy power from a wind or solar project; invested in on-site solar.
This company won the Large Business Award at the 2019 Banksia Sustainability Awards. "Coca-Cola Amatil is the first bottler in Australia to offer 100 per cent recycled PET packaging for carbonated beverages, and among the first for still beverages."
This company has won at least one Parents' Voice Shame Award every year from 2014 to 2017, and again in 2020, for promoting unhealthy foods and drinks to children.
This company has been criticised for offensive advertising. In 2011 the Advertising Standards Bureau upheld complaints about a TV ad by this company on the grounds that it breached advertising codes. The ad was subsequently discontinued or modified.
Coca Cola Amatil is the main opposition to container deposit recycling legislation in Australia and around the world. Coca Cola's leadership in opposing container deposit schemes (CDS) has often stopped efforts by governments and community groups to advance this issue.
Coca-Cola Amatil's new Mount Franklin 'Easy-Crush' plastic bottle was awarded the Australian Packaging Covenant Sustainability Award at the 2011 Australian Packaging Design Awards for a 'significant advance in environmental considerations'. The 'Easy Crush' bottle uses 35% less plastic than the previous Mount Franklin bottle and features increased crushability, use of post-consumer resin, and an increase in vertical load and stacking stability.
Source: PCA (2011)
The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and is the pre-eminent global award in packaging. This company won a WorldStar Global Packaging Award in 2021 for its rPET Program.
This company makes voluntary contributions to DrinkWise Australia, a not-for-profit organisation established in 2005 by the alcohol industry, whose stated goal is to help bring about a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia.
This company has signed the ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code, which is designed to regulate alcohol advertising and marketing within Australia.
Source: ABAC (2021)
Directly involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of alcohol as a core business.
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners plc
In 2023, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) asked companies to provide data about their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change risk. Responding companies are scored across four key areas: disclosure; awareness; management; and leadership. This company received a CDP Climate Change score of A.
Source: CDP (2023)
In 2023, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) asked companies to provide data about their efforts to manage and govern freshwater resources. Responding companies are scored on six key metrics: transparency; governance & strategy; measuring & monitoring; risk assessment; targets & goals; and value chain engagement. This company received a CDP Water Security score of A-.
Source: CDP (2023)
This company received an S&P Global ESG Score of 84/100 in the Beverages category of the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment, an annual evaluation of companies' sustainability practices (last updated 8 Dec 2022). The rankings are based on an analysis of corporate economic, environmental and social performance, assessing issues such as corporate governance, risk management, environmental reporting, climate strategy, human rights and labour practices.
In 2023 KnowTheChain benchmarked 60 food and beverage companies on their efforts to identify and tackle forced labour risks in their supply chains. This company received a score of 10/100. The average score was a disappointing 16/100 and the highest score was 56/100.
This company is 18% owned by the Coca-Cola Company (US), which has several criticism in the Shop Ethical database and on overall rating of F.
As listed on the We Mean Business website, this company has committed to the following climate action initiatives: adopt a science-based emissions reduction target; commit to 100% renewable power; report climate change information in mainstream reports as a fiduciary duty; commit to electric vehicles.
This company appears on the 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, signifying a commitment to supporting gender equality through policy development, representation, and transparency.
This company has sustainability claims on its website under the headings of drinks, packaging, communities, water, climate and supply chain.
This company is a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, whose stated mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works with business, government and academia to build a framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design.
California, the UK and Australia have all enacted legislation requiring companies operating within their borders to disclose their efforts to eradicate modern slavery from their operations and supply chains. Follow the link to see this company's disclosure statement.

Company Details

Wholly-owned subsidiary
4.8 billion AUD (2020)
3,000 (2022)
Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Ltd (90% owned)
Liquor manufacturer
Produces and distributes beer, ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks in Fiji and Samoa. Formerly known as Foster's Group Pacific Ltd, until it was purchased by Coca-Cola Amatil in 2012 and renamed.
Grinders Coffee Pty Ltd
Established in Lygon St, Melbourne in 1962. Acquired by Coca-Cola Amatil in 2005.

Contact Details

Level 13, 40 Mount St, North Sydney, NSW, 2060, Australia
132 653
1800 025 123

Products / Brands

CCEP Australia
Appletiser Non-Alcoholic
Barista Bros Flavoured Milk
Bisleri Soft Drinks
Cascade Cordial
Cascade Mixers
Cascade Apple Isle Non-Alcoholic
Coca-Cola Soft Drinks
Deep Spring Soft Drinks
Deep Spring Sparkling Water
Deep Spring Bottled Water
Diet Coke Soft Drinks
Fanta Soft Drinks
Fruit Box Juice & Fruit Drinks
Fuze Tea Iced Tea
Goulburn Valley Juice & Fruit Drinks
Grapetiser Non-Alcoholic
Keri Juice & Fruit Drinks
Kirks Soft Drinks
Lift Soft Drinks
Mount Franklin Bottled Water
Mount Franklin Sparkling Water
Neverfail Bottled Water
Nutriboost Flavoured Milk
Peats Ridge Bottled Water
Powerade Sports Drinks
Pump Bottled Water
Smartwater Bottled Water
Sprite Soft Drinks
Vitaminwater Bottled Water
CCEP Australia / Beam Global (brand owner)
Canadian Club Premix Spirits
Jim Beam Premix Spirits
Old Crow Premix Spirits
Paradise Beverages (90% owned)
Bounty Rum
Fiji Bitter Beer (imported)
Vailima Beer (imported)
Vonu Beer (imported)
Fix Coffee
★ Rainforest Alliance certified
Giancarlo Coffee
Grinders Coffee
★ some products certified organic
★ some products certified Fairtrade
Romanza Coffee
Taboo Milk Flavouring