Quinn Foods
Pet food, confectionery & frozen desserts
Owned by the Quinn family, who previously owned VIP Petfoods and Darrell Lea before selling them both to Quadrant Private Equity in 2015 and 2018 respectively. The Quinns also own a string of businesses in Australia and New Zealand, including motor racing complexes, and Sara Lee Australia, which they rescued from administration in 2024.


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Quinn Foods Pty Ltd

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Quinn Foods Pty Ltd
Six Darrell Lea workers faced losing $400,000 in redundancy entitlements after a shell company employing them (owned by Sinclair Quinn) was put into liquidation. The Darrell Lea business initially indicated that they will not be paying the redundancies that the Fair Work Commission had ordered, but later relented following protests organised by the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union.

Company Details

Family-owned private company
Darrell Lea Confectionery Co Pty Ltd (15% owned)
Confectionery manufacturer
Established in 1927 and privately owned by the Lea family until getting into financial trouble in 2012 and being acquired by the Quinn family. In 2018 Quadrant Private Equity bought a majority stake for $200m. The Quinn family also sold a majority stake in its VIP Petfoods business in 2015 to Quadrant. Darrell Lea acquired the Life Savers brand from Nestle in 2018, acquiring the rights to the lolly in Australia and New Zealand.
Sara Lee Holdings Pty Ltd
Bakery products
Sara Lee Corporation was renamed Hillshire Brands Company after spinning off its international coffee and tea business in June 2012. Sara Lee Australia's coffee and tea operations are now part of JDE Peet's. Hillshire Brands sold its Australian bakery unit, Kitchens of Sara Lee, to McCain Australia in Feb 2013, who sold it to New Zealand investment house South Island Office in 2021. Sara Lee Australia went into administration in October 2023, and was bought by the Quinn family in 2024, saving 200 jobs.
Real Pet Food Company Pty ltd (15% owned)
Pet food manufacturer
Formerly VIP Petfoods, Sydney-based private equity firm Quadrant renamed the company The Real Pet Food Company after acquiring the business from the Quinn family for $410 million in 2015. The Quinn family retained a minor stake and still run the company. Produces 150,000 tonnes of pet food each year. Acquired Nature's Gift in 2015, Ivory Coat in 2017 and Love 'Em in 2018. Quadrant sold its stake in late 2017 for $1bn to a Chinese consortium made up of Hosen Capital, New Hope Group and Temasek.
Nature's Gift Australia Pty Ltd
Pet food manufacturers
Acquired by Quadrant Private Equity and rolled into Real Petfood Co (formerly VIP Petfoods) in 2015.
Vetco Australia Pty Ltd
Pet food manufacturer
Founded by Steven Deveraux-Stanford in 2013 and acquired by Real Pet Food Company in 2017.
Vet's Best Products Pty Ltd
Pet food
Manufacturing occurs in NSW. Acquired by The Real Pet Food Company in 2018.

Contact Details

Lahr's Rd, Ormeau, QLD, 4208, Australia
07 5547 1700

Products / Brands

Darrell Lea (15% owned)
Darrell Lea Chocolate
Darrell Lea Sweets & Lollies
Heritage Fine Chocolates Chocolate
Life Savers Sweets & Lollies
Ricci Sweets & Lollies
Sara Lee Australia
Sara Lee Frozen Desserts/Fruit
Sara Lee Ice Cream
Sara Lee Pies & Pasties
Real Pet Food Co (15% owned)
Chunkers Pet Food (chilled)
Farmers Market Pet Food (chilled)
Farmers Market Dog Food
Farmers Market Cat Food
Farmers Market Dog Treats
Fussy Cat Pet Food (chilled)
Fussy Cat Cat Food
Grainfree Cat Food
Ivory Coat Dog Food
Little Paws Pet Food (chilled)
Love 'em Dog Treats
Mega Bite Pet Food (chilled)
Nature's Gift Dog Treats
Nature's Gift Dog Food
Nature's Gift Pet Food (chilled)
Nature's Gift Cat Food
Natures Goodness Dog Food
Natures Goodness Pet Food (chilled)
Paws Fresh Pet Food (chilled)
Tucker Time Pet Food (chilled)
VIP Petfoods Dog Treats
VIP Petfoods Pet Food (chilled)
VIP Petfoods Cat Food