Lavazza Australia
Lavazza established its Australian subsidiary in 2015 after taking over local distribution from Valcorp Fine Foods, who managed the brand in Australia for over 30 years.


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Rating B
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Lavazza Australia Pty Ltd
Luigi Lavazza SpA
owns 100% of Lavazza Australia Pty Ltd
Coffee producers
Founded in Italy in 1895 and still run by the Lavazza family. Italy's #1 coffee company.

Company Assessment

Lavazza Australia Pty Ltd
This company received the highest packaging performance level of 5 (Beyond Best Practice) in its 2024 APCO Annual Report. Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a not-for-profit organisation leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia. Each year, APCO Members are required to submit an APCO Annual Report and Action Plan, which includes an overall performance level from 1 (Getting Started) to 5 (Beyond Best Practice).
Source: APCO (2024)
Luigi Lavazza SpA
In 2017 the Rainforest Alliance presented this company a Corporate Sustainability Champions award, which recognizes companies who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to sustainability, improving livelihoods, and conserving forests all around the world.
This company sells Rainforest Alliance certified coffee. However this only represents a fraction of this company's total coffee sales. Rainforest Alliance certification has been dubbed 'Fairtrade light' by critics, as it offers producers no minimum price for their crop, and guarantees a minimum of just 30% of the product is certified.
The Ethical Tea Partnership was formed in 1997 when a number of major tea companies committed to working together to improve the social and environmental conditions in their supply chains.
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre digital platform presents news and allegations relating to the human rights impact of over 20,000 companies. Their enhanced Company Dashboards also include financial information, key data points based on corporate policies, and scores from prominent civil society benchmarks. Follow the link and use the search function to view this company's dashboard.

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Wholly-owned subsidiary

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Lavazza Australia
Carte Noire Coffee
Lavazza Coffee
Lavazza Coffee Machines