Munro Footwear Group
Family business founded by Graham and Kerrie Munro in Melbourne in 1962, which has grown following a series of acquisitions, including Fusion Retail Brands in 2017. Operates throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Owned AUS
Rating D
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Munro Footwear Group Pty Ltd

Company Assessment

Munro Footwear Group Pty Ltd
Baptist World Aid Australia's '2022 Ethical Fashion Report' assessed 120 companies on their efforts to mitigate against the risks of forced labour, child labour and worker exploitation in their supply chains, as well as protect the environment from the harmful impacts of the fashion industry. Assessment criteria fall into five main categories: policy & governance, tracing & risk, auditing and supplier relationships, worker empowerment and environmental sustainability. This company received a score of 18/100.
In 2020 Baptist World Aid Australia released The COVID Fashion Report, a special edition of their Ethical Fashion Report. The report is framed around six COVID Fashion Commitments that ask companies to demonstrate the steps and measures they are taking to protect and support the most vulnerable workers in their supply chains. This company showed evidence of actions that cover SOME areas of the COVID Fashion Commitments.

Company Details

Family-owned private company
300 million AUD (2017)
2000 (2017)
Fusion Retail Brands Pty Ltd
Clothing retailer and wholesaler
Colorado Group went into receivership in 2011, owing $400 million to a syndicated of 18 lenders. Four of these lenders took on the business in 2012 (National Australia Bank, Japanese bank Nomura and Anchorage Capital Partners and ICE Canyon). The new owners reduced store numbers from 441 to under 200 and then sold the business in 2017 to Australian footwear company Munro Footwear Group.

Contact Details

28 Victoria Crescent, Abbotsford, VIC, 3067, Australia
03 9102 5100

Products / Brands

Munro Footwear Group
Bobux Childrenswear
Cinori Womens Shoes
Colorado School Shoes
Colorado Mens Shoes
Colorado Womens Shoes
Diana Ferrari Womens Shoes
Django & Juliette Womens Shoes
Gamins Womens Shoes
I Love Billy Womens Shoes
Isabella Rossi Womens Shoes
Lynx School Shoes
Midas Womens Shoes
Mollini Womens Shoes
Silent D Womens Shoes
Top End Womens Shoes
Ziera Womens Shoes