Old Colonial Cookie Company
Shortbread manufacturer
Started in 1981 in the Yarra Valley Ranges of Victoria, Australia. Bought by Rinoldi Pasta in 2019.


Owned AUS
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Company Ownership

Old Colonial Cookie Company Pty Ltd
Rinoldi Pasta Pty Ltd
owns 100% of Old Colonial Cookie Company Pty Ltd
Pasta makers
Founded in 1878. Rinoldi bought pasta brands Vetta and Nanda in 2006 from Manildra Group, who bought them from Green's General Foods. Acquired the Byron Bay Cookie Company in 2013 and the Old Colonial Cookie Company in 2019.

Company Assessment

Old Colonial Cookie Company Pty Ltd
Some, but not necessarily all, of this company's biscuit products are palm oil free. For more details, follow the link to see Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia's list of products which manufacturers have told them are palm oil free or contain segregated certified sustainable palm oil.
This company has a number of sustainability claims on its website in the areas of recycled and recyclable packaging, sourcing ingredients from Austrralia and being GMO free.
Rinoldi Pasta Pty Ltd
Some of this company's products are certified organic by NASAA.

Company Details

Private company

Contact Details

9 Industry Court, Lilydale , VIC , 3140, Australia
03 9735 0855

Products / Brands

Old Colonial Cookie Company
Butterfingers Biscuits/Crackers