Wittington Investments
Holding company
Wittington Investments is controlled by the Weston Family, and is the ultimate holding company of Associated British Foods plc (ABF), one of Europe's largest food companies and owners of George Weston Foods in Australia.


Owned UK
Rating D
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Company Ownership

Wittington Investments Ltd
Garfield Weston Foundation
owns 79% of Wittington Investments Ltd
Grant-giving charity
Founded 1958. The Weston family controls a string of businesses through this charitable trust, including Associated British Foods, Primark and Fortnum & Mason. Owns nearly 80% of Wittington Investments, its main source of income.

Company Assessment

Wittington Investments Ltd
Wittington Investments subsidiary Fortnum & Mason has been targeted by PETA for continuing to sell foie gras. Foie gras is made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been force fed grain through a tube for the last 12-18 days of its life under factory farm conditions. More than a dozen countries have prohibited foie gras production due to animal welfare concerns.
Source: PETA (2020)
UK-based protest group, UK Uncut, targeted Wittington Investments during protests in March 2011 for their tax avoidance policies.
Brands in 'bread' category received BOTTOM Rating; with a score of 46 out of a possible score of 100 in the Ethical Company Organisation's 'Good Shopping Guide' (UK), which evaluates brands with regard to their environmental, animal welfare and human rights records.
Garfield Weston Foundation
In 2010, the UK Charity Commission found that some of the family members who run the Garfield Weston Foundation allowed an investment company it controlled (Wittington Investments) to make illegal political donations between 1993 and 2007. The Charity Commission also found that the charity's nine trustees breached their duties in January 2006 by voting for a resolution allowing Wittington to make donations without giving proper consideration.
The Garfield Weston Foundation gives grants to UK registered charities, with the exception of animal welfare charities. Organisations with an 'exempt' or 'excepted' status such as churches, hospitals, educational establishments and housing corporations may also apply for grants.

Company Details

Private Company
Associated British Foods PLC (55% owned)
Food manufacturer
Diversified international food, ingredients and retail group operating in 47 countries. 54.5% owned by Wittington Investments, a company controlled by the founding Weston family.
AB Food & Beverages Australia Pty Ltd
Powdered food products manufacturing
Australia's #2 hot beverages company. Like George Weston Foods, this company is owned by European food and beverages giant, AB Foods.
George Weston Foods Ltd
Food manufacturing
One of Australia and New Zealand's largest food manufacturers, employing over 6,000 employees across 40 sites. George Weston Foods bought Tip Top Bakeries (1949), George Chapmans (1987), Don Smallgoods (1999), Melosi (1995), Jasol (1986), AGB (2007) KR Castlemaine (2008) and Yumi's (2018).
Yumi's Quality Foods Pty Ltd
Dip manufacturer
Founded in Melbourne in 1990. Australian private equity firm Anacacia Capital bought an undisclosed stake in Jan 2014. George Weston Foods became full owners in 2018.
Acetum SpA
Vinegar producer
Italian balsamic vinegar producer acquired by Associated British Foods in 2017.
Silver Spoon Company
Retail sugar
Established in 1972 as the retail brand of ABF owned British Sugar.
Jordans & Ryvita Company
Grain-based foods
ABF merged its Ryvita subsidiary with Jordans cereal business in 2008, and in 2014 they acquired Dorset cereals.
The Jordans and Ryvita Company Australia Pty Ltd
Breakfast cereals
Commenced in Australia in 2014 stocking at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.
R. Twining & Co Ltd
Tea company
Established in 1706. Twinings is a founder member of the Ethical Tea Partnership formed in 1997. See www.ethicalteapartnership.org
Primark Stores Ltd
Clothing retailer

Contact Details

Products / Brands

Twinings & Co (55% owned)
Jarrah Coffee
Jarrah Milk Flavouring
Ovaltine Milk Flavouring
Ovaltines Chocolate
Twinings Tea
George Weston Foods (55% owned)
9 Grain Bread
Abbott's Village Bakery Bread
Bagle House Bread
Bazaar Flat Bread
Burgen Bread
Don Smallgoods/Pork
English Muffins Bread
Golden Bread
Huttons Smallgoods/Pork
Jasol Multi-Purpose Cleaners
Kitchen Collection Flour & Bread Mix
KR Castlemaine Smallgoods/Pork
Pataks Indian
Pataks Cooking Sauce
Sunblest Bread
The One Bread
Tip Top Bread
Tip Top Flour & Bread Mix
Tip Top Flat Bread
Titan Multi-Purpose Cleaners
Yumi's Dips
Yumi's Frozen Fish
Yumi's Vegetarian & Vegan
Acetum (55% owned) / Leo's Imports (importer)
Mazzetti Vinegar
Silver Spoon (55% owned)
Billington's (sucrose) Sugar & Sweeteners
Jordans and Ryvita Company Australia (55% owned)
Dorset Cereals Muesli & Oats
Jordans Muesli & Oats
Ryvita Biscuits/Crackers