Founded in Melbourne in 1992. Today its products are sold in 57 countries.


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Playgro Pty Ltd
Lew Group
owns 100% of Playgro Pty Ltd
Investment conglomerate
The Lew family, headed by rag trade tycoon Solomon Lew, owns a swag of Australian clothing retail companies. While Solomon owns Voyager Distributing Co and 42% of Just Group, his three children each control parts of the Lew empire. Peter Lew manages Australian Retail Investments and the Australian licenses for Zara and FCUK, Steven Lew manages Playcorp and Global Retail Brands, while Jacqueline Lew manages Nine West.

Company Assessment

Playgro Pty Ltd
This company received a packaging performance level of 4 (Leading) in its 2024 APCO Annual Report. Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a not-for-profit organisation leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia. Each year, APCO Members are required to submit an APCO Annual Report and Action Plan, which includes an overall performance level from 1 (Getting Started) to 5 (Beyond Best Practice).
Source: APCO (2024)
Lew Group
Solomon Lew, owner of Premier Investments, struck a deal with Mornington Shire Council in June 2012 to remove a pool he had built on Crown Land without permission and remediate the land in exchange for negligence charges being dropped. Lew is to pay Council's legal fees of $150,000 and a fine of $50,000.
Wikipedia profile on Lew Group head, Solomon Lew. Includes details of controversial business deals, including the Yannon transaction and the Etiket transaction.

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Family-owned private company

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49-51 Sunmore Close, Heatherton, VIC, 3202, Australia
03 8558 2000

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