Fashion house
Founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino, who died in 1994. Aeffe acquired a controlling ownership interest in 1999.


Owned ITA
Rating F
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Company Ownership

Moschino SpA
Aeffe SpA
owns 70% of Moschino SpA
Fashion and luxury goods
Owned by fashion designer Alberta Ferretti and her brother, Massimo. Owns brands Alberta Ferretti, Moschino and Pollini.

Company Assessment

Moschino SpA
This company is still sourcing garments from Myanmar, where there has been a significant increase in labour and human rights abuses of garment workers across the country since the military takeover in Feb 2021. Wage theft, inhumane work rates and mandatory overtime, and attacks on freedom of association are the most frequently recorded types of abuse.
Aeffe SpA
This company owns brands rated 'We avoid' by Good On You, whose rating system considers the most important social and environmental issues facing the fashion industry to assess a brand's impact on people, the planet and animals.
This company has used fur in factory made clothing lines under the brands Alberta Ferretti and Moschino, and has not announced plans to stop.
Source: IFF (2021)

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52.7 million USD (2010)

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Milano, Milano, Italy

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Moschino Womens Fashion