Stichting INGKA Foundation
Founded in 1982 my IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad. One of the largest charitable foundations in the world. The IKEA Group of companies is owned by the Stichting INGKA Foundation, whose funds can only be used for reinvesting into the IKEA group, or donated for charitable purposes through the Stichting IKEA Foundation.


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Stichting INGKA Foundation

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Stichting INGKA Foundation
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Private foundation
INGKA Holding BV
Ikea was founded in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943, but has since relocated its headquarters to the Netherlands. Holding company that controls 315 of the 360 outlets of IKEA.
Ikea Pty Ltd
Home furnishings and accessories
Ten stores with additional 2 pick up locations across Australia in 2018.

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