Seafood processor
Primary business activity is canning seafood. They have factories in Chile and Australia, plus 5 across Asia. Controlled by Malaysian businessman, Datuk Tan Boon Pin.


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Tropical Consolidated Corporation Sdn Bhd

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Tropical Consolidated Corporation Sdn Bhd
This company is listed by the Earth Island Institute as an approved dolphin-safe tuna processing company. This company has pledged to abide by the Earth Island international 'Dolphin Safe' tuna standards of no encirclement of dolphins or other marine mammals during an entire fishing trip, no accidental deaths or serious injuries of any dolphins, and no use of drift gill nets.

Company Details

Private company
Tropical Canning (Thailand) Public Company Ltd
Seafood processors
Bought Australia's Safcol in 1991.
Safcol Australia Pty Ltd
Petfood and seafood wholesaling
Founded in 1945 by a group of South Australian fishermen. Bought in 1991 by Thailand's Tropical Canning. 95% of their pet food is packed in Thailand, and is fish based.

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Penang, Malaysia

Products / Brands

Safcol Australia
Crystal Clean Cat Litter
Gourmet Delight Cat Food
Safcol Canned Fish
Safcol Cat Food
Safcol Canned Fish (Tuna)
Snappy Tom Cat Food
Snappy Tom Cat Litter
Ultimates Cat Food