Rocket Internet
Venture capital and online retailing
Founded in Germany in 2007 by three brothers. Incubator and investor in internet companies, predominantly retailers.


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Rocket Internet SE

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Rocket Internet SE
This company has been criticised for its "copycat" strategy of founding startups which replicate the business models of other established, successful companies. Since starting in 2007, Rocket has backed about 75 tech start-ups in more than 50 countries. Many of these start-ups are 'copied' business ideas applied in emerging markets.

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Public company
28,000 (2016)
Global Fashion Group SA (20% owned)
Online fashion retail
Collection of online fashion retailers created in 2015 to hold some of the internet assets of German incubator Rocket Internet and Sweden's Kinnevik. Operates across three continents. Parent company for several online fashion marketplaces, including The Iconic in Australia, Zalora in Southeast Asia, and Dafiti in Latin America. Listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2019.
Internet Services Australia 1 Pty Ltd
Online fashion retailer
Founded in 2011. Retails fashion, sport, beauty and accessory products online in Australia and New Zealand. Part of Rocket Internet's Global Fashion Group.

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Berlin, Germany

Products / Brands

The Iconic (20% owned)
Staple Superior Everyday Apparel
The Iconic E-commerce