Suntory Global Spirits
Alcohol, especially spirits
Formerly Beam Suntory. World's third largest spirits company. In 2014 Suntory acquired Beam Inc for US$16b and renamed the company as Beam Suntory. Distributed in Australia by Coca-Cola Europacific Partners.


Owned JPN
Rating C
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Company Ownership

Suntory Global Spirits Inc
Suntory Holdings Ltd
owns 100% of Suntory Global Spirits Inc
Beverage manufacturer
Suntory is Japan's leading producer and distributor of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. They are also involved in pharmaceuticals, restaurant operation, sports, music and film, resort development, publishing, and information services. Bought Europe's Orangina Schweppes Group in 2009 and USA's Beam Inc in 2014. Suntory's founding family owns about 90% of the privately held company. Part of the Mitsui keiretsu.

Company Assessment

Suntory Global Spirits Inc
This company is listed as having best practice on a report card on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in corporate America.
In 2018 this company agreed to pay more than $8 million as penalty for settling a case involving bribery by its India subsidiary of government officials to increase sales, process licences and facilitate distribution of distilled spirit products.
Follow the link to see this company's Drink Smart website, which provides information about responsible drinking and eliminating alcohol abuse.
This company is a member of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing harmful drinking and promoting understanding of responsible drinking. IARD is affiliated with the United Nations.
Source: IARD (2021)
This company has a number of responsibility claims on its website in the areas of responsible business, responsible drinking, philanthropy and environment.
One of this company's US distilleries, Maker's Mark Distillery, is a Certified B Corporation. Certified B Corporations use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corps meet comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards; meet higher legal accountability standards; and build business constituency for good business.
California, the UK and Australia have all enacted legislation requiring companies operating within their borders to disclose their efforts to eradicate modern slavery from their operations and supply chains. Follow the link to see this company's disclosure statement. tracks the influence of money on U.S. politics, and how that money affects policy and citizens' lives. Follow link to see this company's record of political donations, lobbying, outside spending and more.
Suntory Holdings Ltd
In 2023, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) asked companies to provide data about their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change risk. Responding companies are scored across four key areas: disclosure; awareness; management; and leadership. This company received a CDP Climate Change score of A.
Source: CDP (2023)
In 2023, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) asked companies to provide data about their efforts to manage and govern freshwater resources. Responding companies are scored on six key metrics: transparency; governance & strategy; measuring & monitoring; risk assessment; targets & goals; and value chain engagement. This company received a CDP Water Security score of A.
Source: CDP (2023)
World's Most Sustainable Companies of 2024 by TIME and Statista recognises the Top 500 most sustainable companies in the world. From a selection of 5,000 of the world's largest companies, non-sustainable businesses were excluded, and the remaining companies were rated on Commitment & Ratings, Reporting & Transparency, and Environmental & Social Stewardship. This company received a total score of 58.9/100, ranking 328th overall.
Source: TIME (2024)
The Green Supply Chain Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) evaluates consumer-facing companies that have a sizeable supply chain in China. The evaluation uses government supervision data and public information to assess the environmental management of their supply chains in China. This company received a score of 6.42/100 (retrieved 24 Nov 2023).
Source: IPE (2023)
The Global Access to Nutrition Index assesses how the world's 25 largest global food and beverage manufacturers contribute to addressing malnutrition in all its forms: overweight and obesity, undernutrition, and micronutrient deficiency. All have been assessed on their commitments, practices, and disclosure with regards to governance and management; the production and distribution of healthy, affordable, accessible products; and how they influence consumer choices and behavior. Of the 25 companies ranked, this company came 21st.
This company scores Ethical Consumer's worst rating for their use of palm oil, signifying they are using no or minimal certified palm products, and with no or minimal positive commitments.
As listed on the We Mean Business website, this company has committed to the following climate action initiatives: adopt a science-based emissions reduction target.
This company holds Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification, and sells products certified as FSC Mix and FSC Recycled.
Source: FSC (2023)
This company has extensive corporate social responsibility claims on its website.
Suntory has been the top ranked company five years in a row in Nikkei Business Publications' Eco Brand Index. The survey is conducted annually through an Internet-based questionnaire, which looks into how environmental efforts of leading 560 companies in Japan are received by consumers. The survey received valid responses from 19,639 consumers. The four indices of 'contact with environmental information', 'environmental communication', 'environmental image' and 'environmental evaluation' constitute the Eco Brand Index.
This company is a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform, the main food industry initiative supporting the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide. Created by Nestle, Unilever and Danone in 2002, the SAI Platform is a non-profit organization to facilitate sharing, at precompetitive level, of knowledge and initiatives to support the development and implementation of sustainable agriculture practices involving the different stakeholders of the food chain.
Directly involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of alcohol as a core business.
The 2023 Gender Benchmark ranks 112 companies from the apparel and food and agriculture sectors on their efforts to drive gender equality and women's empowerment across their entire value chain. Companies are assessed on governance and strategy, representation, compensation and benefits, health and well-being, violence and harassment, and marketplace and community. This company ranked #50/112, with a total score of 22.3%. The average score was 23% and the highest score was 55%.
Suntory subsidiary, Florigene Pty Ltd, develop genetically engineered flowers.
The 2023 Food and Agriculture Benchmark assessed 350 keystone companies across the entirety of the food system, from farm to fork. It covers three dimensions where transformation is needed: nutrition, environment and social inclusion. This company ranked #64/350, with a total score of 29.7/100.

Company Details

Wholly-owned subsidiary
5.5 billion USD (2024)
6,000 (2024)
Beam Suntory Australia Pty Ltd
Liquor wholesaling
In 2025 Suntory is combining all its assets in Australia and New Zealand to form Suntory Oceania. Coca-Cola Europacific Partners has been Suntory's alcohol distribution partner in Australia since 2007, but this ends in 2025.

Contact Details

Deerfield, Illinois, USA

Products / Brands

Suntory Global Spirits / CCEP Australia (sales & distribution)
Auchentoshan Scotch Whisky
Basil Hayden's Bourbon
Bowmore Scotch Whisky
Canadian Club Whisky (other)
Effen Vodka
Hakushu Whisky (other)
Hibiki Whisky (other)
Jim Beam Bourbon
Kilbeggan Whisky (other)
Knob Creek Bourbon
Laphroaig Scotch Whisky
Lena Liqueur
Maker's Mark Bourbon
Midori Premix Spirits
Midori Liqueur
Mohala Liqueur
Old Crow Bourbon
Pinnacle Vodka
Rubis Liqueur
Sauza Tequila
Sipsmith Gin
Skinny Girl Premix Spirits
Suntory Liqueur
Teacher's Scotch Whisky
Vox Vodka
Yamazaki Whisky (other)
Suntory Global Spirits
Baron Von Scheuters Schnapps
Magnum Dry Beer (imported)