Aus Pie Co
Pie maker
Backed by Melbourne billionaires and service station proprietors Avi Silver and Eddie Hirsch, which also own fuel and convenience company United Petroleum and Pie Face. Acquired Mrs Macs in 2022 and Balfours in 2023.


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Rating D
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Aus Pie Co Pty Ltd

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Aus Pie Co Pty Ltd
The PalmOil Scan app, produced by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), rates companies on their commitment to sourcing sustainable palm oil. Companies are scored on their use of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO), commitment to sourcing CSPO, on-the-ground conservation action, and membership to the RSPO. Companies can earn a rating of Excellent, Good, Poor or No Commitment. This company is rated "Poor" (retrieved 18 Nov 2023).
Source: WAZA (2023)

Company Details

Private company
Mrs Mac's Pty Ltd
Pie manufacturer
Founded in Perth by the Macgregor family in 1954 as Bakewell Pies. Family owned until November 2022 when the company was sold to Aus Pie Co after experiencing financial difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Balfours Pty Ltd
Cake and Pastry Manufacturing
Founded in South Australia in 1853 and bought by San Remo Macaroni Company in 2008. San Remo sold the Balfours business to Aus Pie Co in 2023, ending 170 years of South Australian ownership.

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WA, Australia

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Mrs Mac's
Bakehouse Pies & Pasties
Mrs Mac's Pies & Pasties
Balfours Pies & Pasties
Balfours Cakes